Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anime, I've missed you dearly.

So, for a while. I have been more focused on my Korean Drama's ( when I'm not working or out with friends, or spending cash!), My Japanese Drama's and variety shows. I have slacked off on my Mangas and Anime's! It has been long awaited since I've read a Manga or watched an Anime so today I am going to watch the second season of Rosario + Vampire. Maybe It'll get me back into my Animes on my day's off! And if you don't know what Anime I speak of, heres a few photos!

Off I go to start the second season! Until next time , Bye Bye ~ ^_^

New Pinkage wig plus cupcake time!

So I decided to order a new wig from Pinkage! Also this post, I'm pretty much going to show you my wonderful group of best friends. We have so much fun doing the littlest things. Such as.... baking cupcakes hahaha. Lets start off with the cupcakes shall we! :D Well, they were absolutely yummy!

                                         This is called the Barbie cupcake ( According to Jaya)
                                                              The Cupcake Seduction *_*


      Can't forget the Jugs! I mean, After we scarfed down the cakes, you get a little thirsty you know!

 Now for the new Pinkage wig!

It came in pretty packaging as always, with the Pink duck tape and the wonderful brush that keeps all the fibers in tact. I love the brushes! They never let me down when It comes to a serious tangle lol

Of coarse I had to take some flicks with my new toggabal ... come on now! Hahaha, well that's all for today! Bye bye ~