Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh how I love Gabalmania!

I must say Gabalmania is one of my favorite Wig Companies. They have such a large variety of wigs, several different colors, styles to choose from, natural looking and I think that is why they are my absolute favorite. I'm going to make an order to Gabalnara to compare the "naturalness" of the wigs but as of now. They are my top fav. It has been while! but here is one out of the two lovely Rupee wave wigs that I ordered. ( the other I have yet to wear out so I will be posting that during the week =^.^= )

Here is the model wearing the wig I ordered :
I was sooo jumping around when I received this just a week and a half later!
 They sent me a few unexpected goodies!
 I love these press on's! Their so Gal!
 I use this on my hair all the time, its actually pretty good!!!

 Here are the beauties!

 And their super cute card!

 Now... this lighting wasn't the best, It's actually a darker yellow'ee blonde ... I was more expecting it to actually look how my photo looks above^ and below. I was slightly disappointed because even on the model it looked more of a paler blonde than it does in person!!
 However the wave is so pretty and it is a thick wig!

Now for some photos of me with it on -^_^-

 Dont't mind the Heineken shirt.. I was getting ready for work haha...

 This photo above is more TRUE to the actual color the wig turned out to be^

Overall I am pretty satisfied with it, just the slight disappointment of it not being the same exact color -_-

BUT they do warn that the lighting of the photos might change the slight appearance of color to the wig on the models ... oh well .. wahhh TT__TT i'm over it .. haha

Well! I'm happy to say that you can finally order from Gabalmania's actual site rather than Yesstyle or Gmarket, or anything like that. The only thing is you need to navigate basically through the site to figure out what you want (which isn't hard) then they have the " international customer checkout" underneath the photos which makes it easy for you to order you items. Just add to cart then when your at your last item, finish your order, it'll be in english so that you do not have the problem of trying to figure out Korean haha..

Luckily i'm studying the language so it becomes a bit easier... little by little.. teehee..

Until next time loveys!

Xoxo Itoshii Hito

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BEAST '아름다운 밤이야 (Beautiful Night)' (Official Music Video)

I know this came out .. what a week ago? but I fell in love all over again! I'm so glad B2ST came back! I've been waiting forever it seems! B2ST OPPAS! FIGHTING!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Can you hear my heart?

Can you hear my heart?

I think this Drama is the most amazing, heartfelt, touching, emotion grabbing drama that I have watched out of all the Drama's I have seen. This one is a drama that will have you so taken back by it. This is definitely something the family can watch. I must warn you will get really into it. The cast is simply one of the best cast's I have seen in a drama. The acting is beyond great. I think they deserve oscars in this drama. So much happens in here but you will not be lost for a second. The story is one that will have you in tears, but also in smiles, laughs, anger! Since they always have that ONE or TWO pricks in the drama that piss you off haha...

I am so happy I finally finished this drama! At the same time pretty sad. I could watch this again but I think I cried way to much and look like a puffer fish -___- ... Anyway, the story starts from childhood to the adulthood of kids have simply gone through so much struggle. Selfishness, love, hate all portrayed in this drama. The two leads born from two different worlds but meeting again at fate. I really don't want to ruin the story for anyone! However, unlike most dramas with the unrealistic coincidences I think this drama is a very realistic drama that everyone can enjoy. 

The series is 30 episodes long and worth watching! MUST MUST MUST SEE DRAMA! I wonder if I should give a summary? or just copy and paste the summary here which might leave you confused watching from the beginning. Eh... actually I wont leave you the summary! I'm saying to click on it and just watch for your own eyes! I would sooooo watch this again and again I literally think this is my favorite drama. 


Onto some more news..

I am back everyone! well trying to be.. since I have more spare time on my hands I will start blogging again! Trying to blog as much as I possibly can. I've missed sharing post's with you all T_T !!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as well! I have a few things to update you all on, anyways I will leave you with more pictures from the drama, not to mention the lead guys are complete hotties! watch watch watch!

I will leave you all curious! If you do not wish to have confusion, I don't think anyone should read the summary given, because you will understand as you watch. It's a definite must see, im telling you!

until next time!

XoXo Itoshii hito

Monday, July 16, 2012

Brands copying Asia's BBcream?

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a while and I have been so busy with so many different things. Which I will definitely update you on. However ; I stumbled across something RANDOM going to Walmart. Um... since when does Loreal , Clinique and Maybelline make BBcream? Am I just late?

... I hope they received permission from Asia to COPY their product. Well I assume they did!

Anyway, I haven't tried their version of BBcream and I'm pretty sure I wont since I'm perfectly fine with using my Misha and Etude House thank you very much but, does anyone feel a certain way about this? I mean I guess its good since it's in the US now and those who don't want to purchase the original brands online from Korea but .. wont that make Korea's brands go down a bit if Loreal, Clinique and Maybelline and whoever else came out with their version of the product in the US???? Just saying. Anyways. I'll stick to Asia's products!

On to another topic :

My clothing line is on a hold! Had to end my partnership, ideas were too different and I have a different outlook in the Fashion that I am going for, doesn't mean its not going to happen!

Also, I had to take it easy on having three jobs. I guess two is enough, but these bills are incredibly stressful and I am a money hungry person! Also I have to save for my Japan, Korea trip, Cons that I am also trying to attend...... blahh ____-

Anyways I have an Instagram now! ( Search : Hello Pretti Hito ) If you would like to keep up to date with the random photos I post from my phone since I haven't carried around my digital to take photos for my blog.. then again I haven't done anything super special to post lately but I did order some cool stuff about a week ago and I'm going to try to become a little more frequent with posting again! Please be patient with me! And omgosh is anyone watching BIG? the drama? I just watched some episodes today and I'm trying not to get hooked but... maybe it's a little late because the drama is already so good! Well.. I think that'll be it for today I have to get some rest I have to get up for work in about 6 hours! Goodnite all!

xoxo Itoshii <3

Thursday, May 31, 2012

GLW's Rhapsody wig review!

So I've worn this for a few weeks before I decided to give this wig a good review.

I really, really like wigs that have the nice beach wave, type look to it. First time I saw Rhapsody on the Gothic Lolita Wig site, I wasn't too fond of the wig. The only colors they had at the time were blonde, pink, lavender and this light auburn color. So I waited a while, purchased Classic wavy ( wasn't crazy about it ) then they finally came out with new colors in Rhapsody. First new color was black, then they released Dark chocolate along with other pretty colors now available on their site Click here for the website!

Packaged nicely as always ( of coarse it came in the little USPS bag before this )
It's also very true to a Chocolate Brown color, not super dark with hints of a reddy-brown color.
So I went outside to take some photos to show you how it looks in the outdoor lighting. As I said, It's a very pretty brown color and pretty much true to a Chocolate brown. The hair is also pretty LONG in length. However, I don't mind the length at all. I love long, thick, wavy hair :D hehe ..
@_@ ee ... I have bags under my eyes! Such a tiresome day! I haven't been sleeping well at all!
This wig doesn't really have the big skin top parting ( like other GLW wigs I own ) now that I think of it yet still looks quite natural and has been mistaken for my hair like all my other wigs hehehe!
The only con about this wig at FIRST GLANCE, Is the fact that it looked a slight bit more shiny then I expected but after wearing it the first few days the shine dulled down and I loved the wig so much more! I was a little scared the extra bit of shine would make it noticeably wiggy looking. I've gotten away with all my wigs looking very realistic so of coarse I would like this to look just as realistic! But like I said, a couple days and the extra shine just dulled on its own. Also brushing through the waves makes the hair nice and fluffy, thicker and bigger. I love bigger hair! 

The second day I wore this wig, I was scared! It tangled a big quicker than I wanted ( which tends to happen with long wigs, long hair generally ) but after that day it wasn't a hassle. I guess I tossed it a wrong way and It made a little mess haha! Wearing it 2 and half weeks straight ... this wig is not a problem. It is the kind of wig you need to carry your brush around with. Just stick a little brush in your purse if you can for the ends, which are likely to tangle unlike the rest of the hair. Its always the ends on long wigs you need to watch out for!

Overall ...

I really like this wig and give it 4 stars out of 5 because of the minor cons it had to it! I would definitely reccommend this wig to those who love long beach hair and it comes in a nice variation of colors! I'm going to buy the white one next ... or maybe pink for the fun of it hehe!

Hope you love it as much as I do! let me know what your thoughts are?

XoXo Itoshii Hito

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OMG Shoes!

So If you've peeped my new and favorite pair of heels lately. You would think I would blog about them right? well .. I mean .. have a post SPECIFICALLY for my beautiful platform booties teehee .. Well, if you like them and wonder where I bought them I'd be glad to tell you followers! I haven't told anyone on my facebook who has asked me because ... I'm just a meanie and I didn't really want anyone in my area to have the SAME EXACT shoes as me ( because I'm like that, I enjoy standing out on my own and having things that I don't see in my hometown ) I guess that's just how I am. However ; I totally don't mind sharing the site with my followers! Let me show you how the boots came to me :)
This is how It came packaged <3
I guess the brand of the shoe is Glaze?
Ahhh I couldn't wait to take them out!!!
I loved them instantly! (these shoes are so Jeff Campbell inspired hehe)

They might look super high but they are incredibly comfortable!!

If you'd like to know where I purchased these amazing shoes just click Here!

XoXo Itoshii Hito

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sakura Matsuri Festival

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

 My cute parents keke~

there's more... but my phone died .. haha I'll have to steal those other photo's from my little mini!

XoXo Itoshii Hito