Saturday, March 8, 2014

Not Saturday, Sister day!

Today was a beautiful day, no super cold unbearable weather. It was pretty warm out for a winter day.  Must be spring reminding us that its coming to devour up this freezing season. Anyway, since I work like a crazy lady.. every saturday I have it off and spend it with my mini me. My little sister, kid sis, baby, dongsaeng .. my little world in this petite person. We went out today and decided to take some pretty awesome pictures and some videos for our upcoming YouTube channel. Although we dont have a lot of spare time there is plenty of that little spare in between in which we want to take advantage of. A lot of cool things id like to show you  all! But ill talk about it in another post. As for today.. here some of the photos we took and i wish i could put up a vid I made with this freaking awesome app... called Magistooo yea its cool lol Until next time Annyeonngg!