Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1 more week Anime Boston, 3 more weeks, Sakura Matsuri!

I am SUPER excited! It seems like I'm going to have a fun-filled month. April is definitely going to be MY MONTH! Woooo! Hopefully this is also the month that I find a much better day job seeing that I only have a NIGHT job now! T_T *wahhhh* but I guess it will pay off the events to come. Also, I joined a GAL FORUM TODAY! I always wanted to join one but never did? So hopefully I make some cool new friends and... I'm also hoping that maybe ... just possibly ... if I could just have ONE maybe ONE ( or more hehe ) awesome friend who Is into the stuff that I'm into! ( My sister and her friends don't count, their all five years younger than me and just ... no! ) If I could possibly meet some Boston Gals at the convention or even outside of it would be nice.

Rhode Island is sooooooooo .. boring.

Everyone looks the same and the only ones that stand out are the cool people. Who I might or might not know but it doesn't mean those cool people like what I like just because they stick out in this small, boring, state.. It's just sooo dreadful! Theres nothing FUN! and the people that I hang around, as much as I love them. They don't do anything spectacular ... which brings me over to the fact that I CANNOT, absolutely CANNOT wait to go to J A P A N NEXT YEAR. 2013! Is going to rock! (If the world doesn't sadly end before my journey) T_T *double wahhh* seeing that our economy sucks, global warming, and poop. It's just poop =__=

I'm just looking forward to the events coming forth. I need to keep going to cool things like
conventions and stuff to get away from this place that seems the be gray/black/white without a splash of color! It's horrible ..hahahaha I sound so depressed -_-x ..

Anyway's I will be posting ton's of photos! I went on a kawaii online spreee of stuff that I would like to purchase! ... I just need the money for it! But those purchases will be made slowlyyy O_o ... So I can do a baby haul ^_^ and I'm sure theres going to be a TON of cute things that I'm going to drool over at anime boston ~_~ aishh.. I hope their not too expensive! Well, that'll be all for today! Bye Bye!

XoXo Itoshii Hito

Monday, March 26, 2012

Classic Wavy Light Blonde from GLW

I just couldn't wait to try one of their classics... So originally I was going to wait for the Classic Dark Chocolate Wavy wig to come back in stock, but I just didn't have the patience after watching a couple videos on the wig and how pretty it was. I just had to order it! ( call me a wig junkee but I love them! ) and Gothic Lolita wigs just has thee prettiest wigs, so here is how it came to me packaged :

 This time it came with a wig cap and a card with Rock star wigs and Gothic lolita printed in back of it :
 As always, the wig comes incredibly THICK, the way I love them!
 Also, very little shine, super NATURAL looking.
 It's also a good length, pretty long and manageable.
The only D O W N F A L L ( for me, in my opinion ) Is that It comes with side swept bangs. I'm a straight Fringe kind of girl. I really don't like the side swept bangs at all and because they are side swept the bangs are NOT as THICK in comparison to their wigs with a straight fringe. Which was a MINOR disappointment because I love THICK bangs and It took a bit more time to cut and curl them to my liking so that I could make the perfect straight Fringe, but overall the wig is a very good wig!

Here's how it looked on me after the Fringe cutting, fringe curling customization haha :

Overall the wig looked pretty nice and after wide tooth combing it and a bit of brushing... this thing was incredibly fluffy O_O but I don't mind it at all ^_^ !

Thanks for reading! && There will be more reviews on the way so keep coming by :D

XoXo Itoshii

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

2ne1 inspired Spikes?

So my long awaited jacket has been made! By yours truly ... mwah! I've been wanting to make a spiked out jacket for quite a while but for some reason held off and procrastinated. I guess there's a right timing for everything.. oh wait! I remember why ... because my spikes never came in from eBay 5 months ago -__- however ;; I did not have to wait so long. I guess I was disappointed with the mishap and decided to wait.

Well I waited long enough and now a masterpiece is created! In inspiration of this jacket, Kpop Idols 2ne1 came to mind. After seeing such fierce attire, It very much inspired me to create my own :

The spikes came to me in a small package, I didn't even know they had been delivered because the package was so tiny and was hidden in my mailbox O_o ..

As tiny as they are, they stand out quite a bit after enhancing such a plain jean jacket! This is how the jack looked before I laid a hand on it, with the spikes and studs placed on top of it :

Pretty plain right .. Well here's what It looked like after I worked away with the spikes and studs :

I couldn't wait to wear it! I want to add more spikes to it, maybe more studs but I only ordered a 50 pack spike/100 pack studs. I guess I'll be ordering some more! If you'd like to order your own sets of spikes, here's a link below to customize your own jacket/shoe/hat/jewelry. 

Here's some more photos below, I wore it to work -^_^- 

I'm a total rock star hehe ^_^

I will certainly be making more projects like these in the very near future! ( peep the studded boots ).
I've also attempted recorded a small tutorial on how to studd a jacket/shoes which I'm thinking about putting on youtube if the editing comes out well! If so, I will also post the tutorial to my blog! Thanks for reading !!

XOXO Itoshii Hito <3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beautiful day.

I swear it was about 90 degrees today -__O I woke up with heat flashes or something. Haha, I'm kidding.. well not really, It felt almost humid in my room so I had to turn the fan on, open then blinds and wammy! The sun peers in so bright. Normally I love hott sunny days but it seemed to be too hott, too soon. Just getting use to the cold weather dieing down. Anyways, I took some photos. It seemed like the perfect day to play with my digital camera outside then add some cool effects to my photos :

Blinded ! =_=
I was gazing at this swarm of fruit flies ... oh how I missed the insects -__-

-^.^ -

Soo .. what to blog next :

- April 6th ! I'm going to Anime Boston so look forward to photos !
- More on Gothic Lolita wigs and Lockshop wigs !
- Tutorial on 2ne1/Kpop spiked look ( Jacket and boots ! )
- Shopping Haul/ Gyaru Haul

Just some things you should see in my near future blog posts :D
Until next time ~ Bye Bye ~ Sayonara ~ Annyeoongg !

XoXo Itoshii Hito

Monday, March 19, 2012

My new Gothic Lolita Wig!

I'm going to have a ton of these by the end of the month so I don't know If there's a purpose in me doing a review on all of them? Also I just ordered from Lockshop wigs! I can't wait to receive my wig! I've never ordered from the UK so ... I wonder how long it will take? Korea is further so .. the UK wig should get here much sooner in comparison to my wigs from Pinkage and Gabalmania but .. they didn't take long either so... Patience will get me through! Anyways, Here is how It came packaged, like my other two-toned wig :

It always comes to me neatly packaged and not all beat up, seeing that they throw packages around and you never know how you'll get it when it gets to you! But the colors were soft yet vibrant. The auburn and light brown is such a pretty mix, I just had to order it! So here is how it looks on me below ( I didn't feel as photogenic today so I goofed around and slightly fixed the color in the photos with my xiao xiao program ) :

 Unlike my whiteblonde/brown split wig, I kept the length on this one!

 My Impression of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ^ Mwahahah haha

Overall, another GREAT wig. Thick hair! the netting couldn't possibly show, beautiful colors, skin part, decent price! more then decent actually. I think the price is perfect and It got to me within 2 business days! Happy Happy! So make sure you check out Gothiclolitawigs if your looking for great quality wigs for Lolita, gyaru, rockstar look and so on! You wont be dissappointed :D

xoxo Itoshii hito <3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project best friend : Gyaru Transformation!

So I was on my YouTube and I watched Crisila's video on transforming her sister into a Gyaru. It made me think ... hey! what If I transformed my best friend into a Gyaru ( which she thought was the awesomest idea ever haha ) So ... that's exactly what I did! Here's a photo of her and I :

Now for the results .. dun dun dun, dun dun dune, dun!!!!!!!

Kawaii !!!!! o^_^o

It was so much fun and I think it actually suits her a bit from her everyday look, Let me know what you think hehe

xoxo Itoshii Hito

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dream High 2

So I'm currently watching Dream High 2 and the season is getting juicy! I am soooo upset that they just eliminated JB on episode 13 ... I thought I melted away .. poor Oppa T^T ! But I haven't watched the rest of the episode yet since I need the rest of the subbs hehe ... Anyway After seeing JB's face on episode 1 .. I think I had fallen in love *_*

JB is just ... too cute! Even though he appeared to be this huge SNOB in the beginning, his true colors started to show as the season goes on. He's actually a big sweetheart who has gone through a lot as the main character Hye Sung. I think that's why they make such a cute match. Sorry guys, but they are simply my Bias! I don't want her with Yoo Jin! As I see many fans of Dream High want them paired up but I soooooooooo prefer Hye Sung and JB together. They are so cute!

Anyways, 3 more episodes left ... kind of sad about that but I hope that they end up together! hehe!

xoxo Itoshii