Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beautiful day.

I swear it was about 90 degrees today -__O I woke up with heat flashes or something. Haha, I'm kidding.. well not really, It felt almost humid in my room so I had to turn the fan on, open then blinds and wammy! The sun peers in so bright. Normally I love hott sunny days but it seemed to be too hott, too soon. Just getting use to the cold weather dieing down. Anyways, I took some photos. It seemed like the perfect day to play with my digital camera outside then add some cool effects to my photos :

Blinded ! =_=
I was gazing at this swarm of fruit flies ... oh how I missed the insects -__-

-^.^ -

Soo .. what to blog next :

- April 6th ! I'm going to Anime Boston so look forward to photos !
- More on Gothic Lolita wigs and Lockshop wigs !
- Tutorial on 2ne1/Kpop spiked look ( Jacket and boots ! )
- Shopping Haul/ Gyaru Haul

Just some things you should see in my near future blog posts :D
Until next time ~ Bye Bye ~ Sayonara ~ Annyeoongg !

XoXo Itoshii Hito

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