Monday, March 12, 2012

Dream High 2

So I'm currently watching Dream High 2 and the season is getting juicy! I am soooo upset that they just eliminated JB on episode 13 ... I thought I melted away .. poor Oppa T^T ! But I haven't watched the rest of the episode yet since I need the rest of the subbs hehe ... Anyway After seeing JB's face on episode 1 .. I think I had fallen in love *_*

JB is just ... too cute! Even though he appeared to be this huge SNOB in the beginning, his true colors started to show as the season goes on. He's actually a big sweetheart who has gone through a lot as the main character Hye Sung. I think that's why they make such a cute match. Sorry guys, but they are simply my Bias! I don't want her with Yoo Jin! As I see many fans of Dream High want them paired up but I soooooooooo prefer Hye Sung and JB together. They are so cute!

Anyways, 3 more episodes left ... kind of sad about that but I hope that they end up together! hehe!

xoxo Itoshii


  1. Hello there!!! i think we got some similarities! I also like JB! at first i was Like shouting Team Yoojin but then I change my mind... by the way where can you find subs? I'm still looking forwad in seeing Ep 15 and 16, sooo sad its the last two final Episode, gonna miss them!

    1. I knew Yoo jin like her but from the beginning I just knew that JB was going to have something with Hye sung after they bumped into eachother at the concert! Haha.. I watched the whole season on Viki! Viki has all of the episodes subbed :D and yess I was all disappointed to see it end so soon :(... I'm always like that with dramas.. I want the stories to continue haha