Monday, March 26, 2012

2ne1 inspired Spikes?

So my long awaited jacket has been made! By yours truly ... mwah! I've been wanting to make a spiked out jacket for quite a while but for some reason held off and procrastinated. I guess there's a right timing for everything.. oh wait! I remember why ... because my spikes never came in from eBay 5 months ago -__- however ;; I did not have to wait so long. I guess I was disappointed with the mishap and decided to wait.

Well I waited long enough and now a masterpiece is created! In inspiration of this jacket, Kpop Idols 2ne1 came to mind. After seeing such fierce attire, It very much inspired me to create my own :

The spikes came to me in a small package, I didn't even know they had been delivered because the package was so tiny and was hidden in my mailbox O_o ..

As tiny as they are, they stand out quite a bit after enhancing such a plain jean jacket! This is how the jack looked before I laid a hand on it, with the spikes and studs placed on top of it :

Pretty plain right .. Well here's what It looked like after I worked away with the spikes and studs :

I couldn't wait to wear it! I want to add more spikes to it, maybe more studs but I only ordered a 50 pack spike/100 pack studs. I guess I'll be ordering some more! If you'd like to order your own sets of spikes, here's a link below to customize your own jacket/shoe/hat/jewelry. 

Here's some more photos below, I wore it to work -^_^- 

I'm a total rock star hehe ^_^

I will certainly be making more projects like these in the very near future! ( peep the studded boots ).
I've also attempted recorded a small tutorial on how to studd a jacket/shoes which I'm thinking about putting on youtube if the editing comes out well! If so, I will also post the tutorial to my blog! Thanks for reading !!

XOXO Itoshii Hito <3

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