Monday, March 26, 2012

Classic Wavy Light Blonde from GLW

I just couldn't wait to try one of their classics... So originally I was going to wait for the Classic Dark Chocolate Wavy wig to come back in stock, but I just didn't have the patience after watching a couple videos on the wig and how pretty it was. I just had to order it! ( call me a wig junkee but I love them! ) and Gothic Lolita wigs just has thee prettiest wigs, so here is how it came to me packaged :

 This time it came with a wig cap and a card with Rock star wigs and Gothic lolita printed in back of it :
 As always, the wig comes incredibly THICK, the way I love them!
 Also, very little shine, super NATURAL looking.
 It's also a good length, pretty long and manageable.
The only D O W N F A L L ( for me, in my opinion ) Is that It comes with side swept bangs. I'm a straight Fringe kind of girl. I really don't like the side swept bangs at all and because they are side swept the bangs are NOT as THICK in comparison to their wigs with a straight fringe. Which was a MINOR disappointment because I love THICK bangs and It took a bit more time to cut and curl them to my liking so that I could make the perfect straight Fringe, but overall the wig is a very good wig!

Here's how it looked on me after the Fringe cutting, fringe curling customization haha :

Overall the wig looked pretty nice and after wide tooth combing it and a bit of brushing... this thing was incredibly fluffy O_O but I don't mind it at all ^_^ !

Thanks for reading! && There will be more reviews on the way so keep coming by :D

XoXo Itoshii

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  1. Wow you looks beautiful ^^ this wig is very pretty, i love that color :D

    1. Aww hehe thank you Isa :3 .. I really love the pale blonde color so I had to have this wig after I seen some review on it .. me and my wigs haha

  2. Hi there, After wearing this wig you looks like baby doll. Thanks for sharing your photo's with us.
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