Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project best friend : Gyaru Transformation!

So I was on my YouTube and I watched Crisila's video on transforming her sister into a Gyaru. It made me think ... hey! what If I transformed my best friend into a Gyaru ( which she thought was the awesomest idea ever haha ) So ... that's exactly what I did! Here's a photo of her and I :

Now for the results .. dun dun dun, dun dun dune, dun!!!!!!!

Kawaii !!!!! o^_^o

It was so much fun and I think it actually suits her a bit from her everyday look, Let me know what you think hehe

xoxo Itoshii Hito


  1. is that sylvia?! i typed in press pass anime boston and ended up here! i took photos of her in like 09. if im wrong whoops srry

    1. No, your right. That is sylvia .. haha small world I guess? And maybe because Ive mention anime boston in my blog a few times. I just got back from it actually.