Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1 more week Anime Boston, 3 more weeks, Sakura Matsuri!

I am SUPER excited! It seems like I'm going to have a fun-filled month. April is definitely going to be MY MONTH! Woooo! Hopefully this is also the month that I find a much better day job seeing that I only have a NIGHT job now! T_T *wahhhh* but I guess it will pay off the events to come. Also, I joined a GAL FORUM TODAY! I always wanted to join one but never did? So hopefully I make some cool new friends and... I'm also hoping that maybe ... just possibly ... if I could just have ONE maybe ONE ( or more hehe ) awesome friend who Is into the stuff that I'm into! ( My sister and her friends don't count, their all five years younger than me and just ... no! ) If I could possibly meet some Boston Gals at the convention or even outside of it would be nice.

Rhode Island is sooooooooo .. boring.

Everyone looks the same and the only ones that stand out are the cool people. Who I might or might not know but it doesn't mean those cool people like what I like just because they stick out in this small, boring, state.. It's just sooo dreadful! Theres nothing FUN! and the people that I hang around, as much as I love them. They don't do anything spectacular ... which brings me over to the fact that I CANNOT, absolutely CANNOT wait to go to J A P A N NEXT YEAR. 2013! Is going to rock! (If the world doesn't sadly end before my journey) T_T *double wahhh* seeing that our economy sucks, global warming, and poop. It's just poop =__=

I'm just looking forward to the events coming forth. I need to keep going to cool things like
conventions and stuff to get away from this place that seems the be gray/black/white without a splash of color! It's horrible ..hahahaha I sound so depressed -_-x ..

Anyway's I will be posting ton's of photos! I went on a kawaii online spreee of stuff that I would like to purchase! ... I just need the money for it! But those purchases will be made slowlyyy O_o ... So I can do a baby haul ^_^ and I'm sure theres going to be a TON of cute things that I'm going to drool over at anime boston ~_~ aishh.. I hope their not too expensive! Well, that'll be all for today! Bye Bye!

XoXo Itoshii Hito

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