Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My first Lockshop wig!

My first wig from the Netherlands! Haha! and I got to me within 2 weeks :D! ... I honestly didn't think the wig was in the box when I received it in through Mailbox shipping. I looked at the box and it was incredibly thin. I looked at it a few times more before opening it, but everything was neatly packaged and the reason the wig fit so compact was because It didn't come with the normal wig stuffing stuffs haha ( that paper they stuff the wigs with, carboard etc.) but here is how it came to me! :
 The box was so flat O_o
 But look how neatly it was kept -^_^-

 Their business cards are so cute!
 Nice little letter :)

 It also came with a wig net cap ^

It doesn't look that full at a first glance, but In all actually it is quite FULL.

The wig has a small curl to it at the end. Its very full when you bunch all the hair together, I attempted to put it in a ponytail and felt the thickness of the hair. In comparison to Gothic Lolita Wigs, it is ALMOST as thick as their wigs however GLW will remain my favorite wig website hehe. But overall, for my first purchase with LockShop wigs, I am very pleased!

Customer service was also very helpful and super polite!

I can't really find any negatives about the wig, the black is NOT super shiny as opposed to other black wigs that I own ( I noticed after a while my Pinkage wig had a slight un-natural shine to it in the beginning but dulled down the more I wore it) The shine is very little so the wig has a very natural look to it. I've heard that LockShop wigs looked more natural in comparison to GLW but my favoritism still stands with GLW! ( can you have a bias with wig manufacturers? hahahah ) anyway! I will definitely purchase from them again! Their wigs are not that expensive I spent 50$ tops! If you would like to order from them click the link below!

XoXo Itoshii <3


  1. You look good with any hair colors but I think black goes great with your complextion :)

    1. Thank you anney! My natural hair color is a very dark brown, close to black. So naturally, I'm most comfortable with black hair ^__^ but I do love experimenting with colors hehe :3

  2. Hi! I absolutely adore your bottom lashes, i'm just wondering where you bought them from. :)