Saturday, March 8, 2014

Not Saturday, Sister day!

Today was a beautiful day, no super cold unbearable weather. It was pretty warm out for a winter day.  Must be spring reminding us that its coming to devour up this freezing season. Anyway, since I work like a crazy lady.. every saturday I have it off and spend it with my mini me. My little sister, kid sis, baby, dongsaeng .. my little world in this petite person. We went out today and decided to take some pretty awesome pictures and some videos for our upcoming YouTube channel. Although we dont have a lot of spare time there is plenty of that little spare in between in which we want to take advantage of. A lot of cool things id like to show you  all! But ill talk about it in another post. As for today.. here some of the photos we took and i wish i could put up a vid I made with this freaking awesome app... called Magistooo yea its cool lol Until next time Annyeonngg!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Eyecandys Neo Glamour Grey

My first experience... I mean it could have been better. I'm not sure if it was because I was a little bit worried, since it was my first time ordering from them. It might have been because they didn't answer my emails at first. I kind of had to send them an unhappy email for them to answer me... since I was very displeased with a customer service, but in the end they were of much help to me.

The main problem was with US Customs ,my item had taking much longer than expected because they had a load of issues going on . After I had received a call everything had been resolved. Since a few issues happened it took me about a month to get my contacts. EyeCandys said it would have gotten to me a lot sooner if not for that incident and apologized to me. It wasn't their fault though.

The lenses came in a pink packaging, it was a simple but cute little packaging. The lenses came in cute little baggies as well. ( Sorry if this entry is messy, I'm blogging from my mobile device lol ) At first I thought the contacts were not the right ones.. immediately having a heart attack then noticing the little grey details.. I figured it just looked like that before putting them on.

After letting the contacts sit for 6hrs I tried them on, they looked exactly like they were pictured! ���� Asa!  Pure satisfaction.

However... I will give you my ratings on comfort, diameter, color.. etc.

Comfort 3/5
They make my eyes really dry, that is only within the two hours of wearing them that they become a bit uncomfortable. More in my left eye than the right.

Color 4/5
I thought they would be a slight bit more brighter but they definitely are super noticeable!

Diameter 5/5
Their not your typically huge circle lenses but they were perfect for the natural look I was aiming for.

Natural?  4/5
They don't make your eyes appear like your from Jurassic park.. like normal contacts that claim to look natural but give you ugly dinosaur eyes. I see a lot of people with hideous contacts that look that way. This gives a beautiful color accent to the eyes and compliments your true eye color. My eyes are hazel so I found these contacts to look quite realistic, just blending into your natural eye.

Now, would I recommend EyeCandys? Yes, but I also reccommend that they pay better attention to their emails. It breaks my confidence to order from other new companies when I have bad first experiences. Like they say, first impression makes a big impression. So please do pay more attention to your emails! Thankfully they sent me to a help desk, where you register and get your questions answered immediately. Thank you so much! 

In the end, the contacts are beautiful!  Hopefully I can wear them more often without them getting so dry! They are too beautiful!  Hope this post was of help.

Check them out below!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Its been a while!

So I've disappeared... Yes I know! But I guess I haven't been into blogging since last summer. I mainly post photos on my two instagrams but I've decided to start blogging again!  More goodies are coming in the mail and I've had a ton of fun experiences! This passed week being one of them at the CNblue concert in New York!

Firstly... it took us 9 hours because of a blizzard.. we were an hour late, the show stopped early, BUT we still sat in the front and had an amazing time. I might Blythe have the clearest of photos but here ate some from the concert!