Thursday, January 23, 2014

Its been a while!

So I've disappeared... Yes I know! But I guess I haven't been into blogging since last summer. I mainly post photos on my two instagrams but I've decided to start blogging again!  More goodies are coming in the mail and I've had a ton of fun experiences! This passed week being one of them at the CNblue concert in New York!

Firstly... it took us 9 hours because of a blizzard.. we were an hour late, the show stopped early, BUT we still sat in the front and had an amazing time. I might Blythe have the clearest of photos but here ate some from the concert!


  1. May I ask how did you get your hair such a pretty color!? And what is your instagram account? I love your blog!

    1. Hiii ! Well firstly I bleached it to a pale blonde then I used a professional brand for cosmetologists only ... but this color is achievable with ions lilac semi perminant hair dye sold at sallys beauty supplies. My instagram is @dollfacedmisfit