Thursday, August 25, 2011

Movie Night

So tonight was one of those nights where I felt like watching some of the most suggested Korean Movies, However ; one movie in particular really caught me off guard. I know of korean drama's to be quite discreet, not so revealing on certain content ( then again this is a movie but sheesh ) my " innocent " little gumiho ! Shin Min Ah surprised me with this scene that included her getting a little steamy with the HOT actor Joo Ji Hoon!
I wasn't aware of how attractive he is until watching this movie! Antique Bakery made him look a little on the old side but he is quite handsome if I may say so myself .... hehehe , Anyways .. speaking of HOT actors? Who is your favorite Male/Female Actor/Actress(s) ?
Their so cute! Well, back to movie ; If this has caught your eye before on or any other networks that show Korean Dramas/Movies . This movie is definitely one of my suggestions, Just sayin! But I wont give away any spoilers so if your curious go and watch it yourself! Mwahahah ^__^ Thats all for now!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ganguro Transformation!

           So my sister tells me that I look like a unicorn? Do you see the resemblance? -_____-
Heres the little unicorn...
Heres.... well... Im not a unicorn ! >,<
Camera Whoring , MWAHAHA !

Okay okay, so this isn't the ganguro look but before I did Ganguro I had a totally cute outfit that I wanted to share and I'm loving my pinkage wig to the max! Its super kawaiiiiii hehehe ^__^

Well thats all for my outfit of the day... Now, are you ready to see my Ganguro transformation. Its quite the dramatic look that most people would not be ready to take in at once ( my neighbor said it was awesome ) I mean, I totally agree. Super tanned face caked with bronzer and white powder. I suppose thats the awesomeness ! haha but it was a fun look to do, I have to say. I even tried the look on my younger sister who also has a blog of her own ( my sisters blog ). Anyways, Here it is...

I think I nailed it. What do you think?

Heres are some of the Gals in Japan that master the Ganguro look everyday, their lifestyle. Some a little more dramatic than others when It comes to the look but I think I did pretty good ^__^ Also as I mentioned ; I tested out the look on my younger sister who thought It would be just as fun to do the look on her... except, she robbed my blonde wig ( lol ).

 I told my sister she looked like SNOOKi from jersey shore hahahaha , since she insulted me by comparing me to a unicorn ! O__o .. Anywho, after all that fun, my day ended with a delcious meal. Moms special salad... mmm mashiittdaa !
Hope you enjoyed my look of the day! Until next timeee ^__^ bye bye ~

Monday, August 22, 2011

My First Pinkage Wig!

Ahh ! How Exciting ! I've just recieved my first wig from korea and not just any wig but PiNKAGE ! 
This is the wig that I decided to order, theres a good variety to choose from ; however, this one looked nicest to me when deciding to order. I love the color, length, and the slight layers. Its so pretty!
This is how It came ( After opening it, I was too anxious lol ) ; It did look better then this actually, the tape wasn't ripped off obviously and the paper in the front of the box requiring what I ordered was still attached. But It is a cute box! Cutest box I've ever recieved !
Theres the logo in the front, now... I must say this. Rhode island is quite the small state and pretty far from Korea. I was incredibly surprised to recieve my package within 4 days EXACTLY 4 days. 
Heres all the cute stuff it came with, The fiber I ordered was the Lex fiber which is human hair quality. It was an extra 2O dollars so instead of 4O I payed 6O and it was well worth the cost. Also I didn't have to pay for shipping because it was 5O+ dollars. All orders over 5O do not have to pay shipping!
This is the cute brush they sent me, perfect for brushing my wig when needed ! All human hair orders will receive this brush, all synthetic orders will receive a pretty pink comb -^__^-

My order also came with its own wig stand, I'll probably have a ton of these by the end of the month ( I order wigs frequently, they're just so fun and stylish! ) Theres also a clip attached if you can tell.
                                             The pretty box it came in, so neatly packaged! 
The netting, It was better kept but I have taken her out previous to taking these pictures hehe >,<
                                                               I LOVE THIS COLOR !!
First look! I couldn't wait to go out with this pretty hair and my new pretty dress that I've bought!
                                                                     Kawaiiiiiii -^3^-
                                                                   Side view
What I love about Korean wigs ( Toggabal ) , they always have the skin parting which makes the wigs look so realistic. I think thats what I like most about their wigs.
Theres the length, It falls down the center of my back. I love long hair so this was perfect !
I took another side shot for you, Im obsessed with the color! Its such a pretty Red Wine color.
                                                  I was having to much fun snapping away!
Well thats all for now! I hope you Like the Wig and if you are interested in making a purchase I would be glad to share the link with you all ^___^ bye bye ~

Where to purchase your pinkage wig

Pinkage International link