Thursday, August 25, 2011

Movie Night

So tonight was one of those nights where I felt like watching some of the most suggested Korean Movies, However ; one movie in particular really caught me off guard. I know of korean drama's to be quite discreet, not so revealing on certain content ( then again this is a movie but sheesh ) my " innocent " little gumiho ! Shin Min Ah surprised me with this scene that included her getting a little steamy with the HOT actor Joo Ji Hoon!
I wasn't aware of how attractive he is until watching this movie! Antique Bakery made him look a little on the old side but he is quite handsome if I may say so myself .... hehehe , Anyways .. speaking of HOT actors? Who is your favorite Male/Female Actor/Actress(s) ?
Their so cute! Well, back to movie ; If this has caught your eye before on or any other networks that show Korean Dramas/Movies . This movie is definitely one of my suggestions, Just sayin! But I wont give away any spoilers so if your curious go and watch it yourself! Mwahahah ^__^ Thats all for now!

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