Monday, August 22, 2011

My First Pinkage Wig!

Ahh ! How Exciting ! I've just recieved my first wig from korea and not just any wig but PiNKAGE ! 
This is the wig that I decided to order, theres a good variety to choose from ; however, this one looked nicest to me when deciding to order. I love the color, length, and the slight layers. Its so pretty!
This is how It came ( After opening it, I was too anxious lol ) ; It did look better then this actually, the tape wasn't ripped off obviously and the paper in the front of the box requiring what I ordered was still attached. But It is a cute box! Cutest box I've ever recieved !
Theres the logo in the front, now... I must say this. Rhode island is quite the small state and pretty far from Korea. I was incredibly surprised to recieve my package within 4 days EXACTLY 4 days. 
Heres all the cute stuff it came with, The fiber I ordered was the Lex fiber which is human hair quality. It was an extra 2O dollars so instead of 4O I payed 6O and it was well worth the cost. Also I didn't have to pay for shipping because it was 5O+ dollars. All orders over 5O do not have to pay shipping!
This is the cute brush they sent me, perfect for brushing my wig when needed ! All human hair orders will receive this brush, all synthetic orders will receive a pretty pink comb -^__^-

My order also came with its own wig stand, I'll probably have a ton of these by the end of the month ( I order wigs frequently, they're just so fun and stylish! ) Theres also a clip attached if you can tell.
                                             The pretty box it came in, so neatly packaged! 
The netting, It was better kept but I have taken her out previous to taking these pictures hehe >,<
                                                               I LOVE THIS COLOR !!
First look! I couldn't wait to go out with this pretty hair and my new pretty dress that I've bought!
                                                                     Kawaiiiiiii -^3^-
                                                                   Side view
What I love about Korean wigs ( Toggabal ) , they always have the skin parting which makes the wigs look so realistic. I think thats what I like most about their wigs.
Theres the length, It falls down the center of my back. I love long hair so this was perfect !
I took another side shot for you, Im obsessed with the color! Its such a pretty Red Wine color.
                                                  I was having to much fun snapping away!
Well thats all for now! I hope you Like the Wig and if you are interested in making a purchase I would be glad to share the link with you all ^___^ bye bye ~

Where to purchase your pinkage wig

Pinkage International link


  1. :O !! Nice wig!! I also love that colour *0* And it fits you very well! ;D

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you like it :D !!!

  3. Which wig was this? I love the color!! ^ㅅ^

  4. where did you order it from it looks great, I just bought a pinkage wig from yesstyle and it looks good but the wig is not as full as it looks in the pics!

  5. Hi can i ask how to order from pinkage because im desperate to order from their site and i don't know how where to start, please help me. please reply or send me an e-mail on the steps how to order from pinkage site :)