Monday, July 16, 2012

Brands copying Asia's BBcream?

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a while and I have been so busy with so many different things. Which I will definitely update you on. However ; I stumbled across something RANDOM going to Walmart. Um... since when does Loreal , Clinique and Maybelline make BBcream? Am I just late?

... I hope they received permission from Asia to COPY their product. Well I assume they did!

Anyway, I haven't tried their version of BBcream and I'm pretty sure I wont since I'm perfectly fine with using my Misha and Etude House thank you very much but, does anyone feel a certain way about this? I mean I guess its good since it's in the US now and those who don't want to purchase the original brands online from Korea but .. wont that make Korea's brands go down a bit if Loreal, Clinique and Maybelline and whoever else came out with their version of the product in the US???? Just saying. Anyways. I'll stick to Asia's products!

On to another topic :

My clothing line is on a hold! Had to end my partnership, ideas were too different and I have a different outlook in the Fashion that I am going for, doesn't mean its not going to happen!

Also, I had to take it easy on having three jobs. I guess two is enough, but these bills are incredibly stressful and I am a money hungry person! Also I have to save for my Japan, Korea trip, Cons that I am also trying to attend...... blahh ____-

Anyways I have an Instagram now! ( Search : Hello Pretti Hito ) If you would like to keep up to date with the random photos I post from my phone since I haven't carried around my digital to take photos for my blog.. then again I haven't done anything super special to post lately but I did order some cool stuff about a week ago and I'm going to try to become a little more frequent with posting again! Please be patient with me! And omgosh is anyone watching BIG? the drama? I just watched some episodes today and I'm trying not to get hooked but... maybe it's a little late because the drama is already so good! Well.. I think that'll be it for today I have to get some rest I have to get up for work in about 6 hours! Goodnite all!

xoxo Itoshii <3

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