Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can you hear my heart?

Can you hear my heart?

I think this Drama is the most amazing, heartfelt, touching, emotion grabbing drama that I have watched out of all the Drama's I have seen. This one is a drama that will have you so taken back by it. This is definitely something the family can watch. I must warn you will get really into it. The cast is simply one of the best cast's I have seen in a drama. The acting is beyond great. I think they deserve oscars in this drama. So much happens in here but you will not be lost for a second. The story is one that will have you in tears, but also in smiles, laughs, anger! Since they always have that ONE or TWO pricks in the drama that piss you off haha...

I am so happy I finally finished this drama! At the same time pretty sad. I could watch this again but I think I cried way to much and look like a puffer fish -___- ... Anyway, the story starts from childhood to the adulthood of kids have simply gone through so much struggle. Selfishness, love, hate all portrayed in this drama. The two leads born from two different worlds but meeting again at fate. I really don't want to ruin the story for anyone! However, unlike most dramas with the unrealistic coincidences I think this drama is a very realistic drama that everyone can enjoy. 

The series is 30 episodes long and worth watching! MUST MUST MUST SEE DRAMA! I wonder if I should give a summary? or just copy and paste the summary here which might leave you confused watching from the beginning. Eh... actually I wont leave you the summary! I'm saying to click on it and just watch for your own eyes! I would sooooo watch this again and again I literally think this is my favorite drama. 


Onto some more news..

I am back everyone! well trying to be.. since I have more spare time on my hands I will start blogging again! Trying to blog as much as I possibly can. I've missed sharing post's with you all T_T !!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as well! I have a few things to update you all on, anyways I will leave you with more pictures from the drama, not to mention the lead guys are complete hotties! watch watch watch!

I will leave you all curious! If you do not wish to have confusion, I don't think anyone should read the summary given, because you will understand as you watch. It's a definite must see, im telling you!

until next time!

XoXo Itoshii hito

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