Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh how I love Gabalmania!

I must say Gabalmania is one of my favorite Wig Companies. They have such a large variety of wigs, several different colors, styles to choose from, natural looking and I think that is why they are my absolute favorite. I'm going to make an order to Gabalnara to compare the "naturalness" of the wigs but as of now. They are my top fav. It has been while! but here is one out of the two lovely Rupee wave wigs that I ordered. ( the other I have yet to wear out so I will be posting that during the week =^.^= )

Here is the model wearing the wig I ordered :
I was sooo jumping around when I received this just a week and a half later!
 They sent me a few unexpected goodies!
 I love these press on's! Their so Gal!
 I use this on my hair all the time, its actually pretty good!!!

 Here are the beauties!

 And their super cute card!

 Now... this lighting wasn't the best, It's actually a darker yellow'ee blonde ... I was more expecting it to actually look how my photo looks above^ and below. I was slightly disappointed because even on the model it looked more of a paler blonde than it does in person!!
 However the wave is so pretty and it is a thick wig!

Now for some photos of me with it on -^_^-

 Dont't mind the Heineken shirt.. I was getting ready for work haha...

 This photo above is more TRUE to the actual color the wig turned out to be^

Overall I am pretty satisfied with it, just the slight disappointment of it not being the same exact color -_-

BUT they do warn that the lighting of the photos might change the slight appearance of color to the wig on the models ... oh well .. wahhh TT__TT i'm over it .. haha

Well! I'm happy to say that you can finally order from Gabalmania's actual site rather than Yesstyle or Gmarket, or anything like that. The only thing is you need to navigate basically through the site to figure out what you want (which isn't hard) then they have the " international customer checkout" underneath the photos which makes it easy for you to order you items. Just add to cart then when your at your last item, finish your order, it'll be in english so that you do not have the problem of trying to figure out Korean haha..

Luckily i'm studying the language so it becomes a bit easier... little by little.. teehee..

Until next time loveys!

Xoxo Itoshii Hito