Saturday, May 12, 2012

Martines Jewels

So my older sister has always been into making jewelry, fashion, cute girly stuff. She finally decided to make a cute etsy site selling her jewelry. She has much more ( which isn't on her site ) but you would have to make a special order. I'm also going to be helping her with ideas and such so that she can get a lot of buyers. If you like her Jewelry please feel free to make your order on her site which I will put Here

This is some of the cute jewelry sent me, In this nice little baggie :

The bracelets come in a smaller butterfly baggie on the inside. Stuff like that makes me want to save the bags because it came so prettily packaged. Good job sis! 

If you like any of the bracelets you see here or on her site make sure you order! Their at a good price only $6 for a set of bracelets ( depending on the order ) you can also make requests for special orders and she will get those in for you right away! 

Please help support my sister's beautiful bracelets! Thank you -^_^-

XoXo Itoshii Hito

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