Thursday, September 8, 2011

Decora Memories...

I remember when I first started dressing in Decora, my high school days were so stylish and fun. Pure enjoyment. I had a best friend who tagged along with the style. She fell in love with it after she seen me accomplish the look my Sophmore year. I was 15, finally my mom agreed that it was the year for me to express myself. && I did. Japan wasn't just some place that I loved but dreamed about, a place that inspired me, It's people which motivated me and helped me find myself. I wish I had pictures to show but I'm thinking of doing a Decora transformation for good old times sake. What do you think? I'f your unaware of what Decora is, Instead of explaining.... would you like me to show you? Hm ... I'd be glad to !

Many people thought I was weird, also ; Many thought I was bold, gutsy, stylish and fun. It's the most fun that I'd had with fashion. It was colorful, expressive, artist. Words to describe me inside and out. I've even inspired others on opposite day. A few girls were me on that day. It made me smile to make others want to try and look into it even though they'd do it for a day and It was years that I'd dress Decora. I mean ... I do miss it when I look into my closet and see all the funky stuff I use to wear. I'm older now and my style has changed once again, more simpler during the day ; At night, It's as if my alter ego appears. However ; a Fashionista I remain! and I'll always be known for. But one day I have high hopes of experiencing many of Japan's styles before my eyes and I cant wait ^__^  

Well, thats all for today ; bye bye ~ xoxo Itoshii Hito*

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