Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy, busy busy!

I definitely need to update my Blog much more! However, I've been pretty busy and haven't done anything real fun lately to update my Blog with. Then again, I guess Blog's aren't all about the fun, what did you buy? or watch? or whatever updates ; but Blogs are also created to know the owner of the Blog right? Well, today this is going to be a pretty simple entry. I guess I'm quite happy and a little overwhelmed at the same time. A lot of good things are happening to me and at the same time, some personal things going on in my life aren't that great. Although, you could say I'm doing pretty well. I've been jobless for three months and just recently have been hired at a Fashion store called Dots! Already the workplace has grown on me, as well as the workers. Everyone is fun to be around but I'm working very hard for the money I'm owning. I'd actually like to receive a lot more hours then I have now! ( Talk about Work-A-Holic right? hahahah )

Anyway, my first few checks are going to spent on me! I haven't been able to spoil myself in so long. I have loans to pay off, a car that need's a new windshield, and money to save for my Korea trip ; but I'd very much like to have my first couple check's to update my wardrobe ( much needed, I have no winter clothes ), I'm running out of some Makeup Products along with other stuff I use daily! So, I guess it's not really pampering myself but spending money on mainly the things that I need ( and a few things that I don't keke >.< ) but that's the fun of having a job! Tomorrow I'm on call and hope they call me in for that shift! God willing. I guess you could say I have money sign's floating around in my pupils $_$ and clouding my head. It's because I have a goal and because I'm willing to work my hardest to meet that goal. Well... I believe that's all I'll write for today and hopefully I can update you with some pictures. Me and my yeodongsaeng are going to a Korean BBQ restaurant! It has Karaoke and It's going to be a lot of fun! I can't wait to go :D ! Stay tuned for an update!

Bye bye ~

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