Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I went shopping!

First check to myself from work! It's not much but I was just excited being able to spend money on myself hehe~

So with that small bit of stuff, I found a store that I have absolutely fell in love with! It's called * Delias * ! I've heard of Delias before but have never shopped then until yesterday! I wanted to buy the entire store but instead I bought the two shirts in the middle, My creme beige jacket from my job ( along with the boots and belt ), The black cardigan plus white tunic from H&M, the eyelashes from Sally Girl and liquid liner by Palladio ( I love Palladio liquid liners, they work excellent! ). Anyways, I couldn't wait to wear my Robot <3 shirt to work so... I became a bit of a camera whore!

I guess that will be all for today! But hm... Any updates? Oh yea! I can't forget that I purchased a new Pinkage wig keke~ And some beauties from Gabalmania :D I'm so excited! I love purchasing new stuff and being able to share it. Well, until next time . Bye bye ~ ^__^

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