Friday, October 21, 2011

A few flicks and Shopping list!

Annyeong! Sooo, I work like a maniac. And I love it! Ever since I've received this job I have felt so blessed and happy that I'm just a step closer to a dream. Saving up for Korea and being able to spend money on myself Is such a great feeling :D Anyways... I can't wait to get my check Monday, that check is all for me! I had a couple debts to pay off ( still paying ) but I would like to spend a little money on myself. I think It's much deserved for all my hard work and long hours in retail! So I took a few photos before work today. Just a photo update!
                I just felt super pretty! All dressed in off White and my cute little pair of Ugg bootees keke ...
                                                                     Funny Face keke..
My manager always loves seeing come dressed to work. She told me she loved that everything looks right with me and my Interesting fashion sense! Thanks Boss! ^_^ She said she can't wait to see all the different color hair's I'll be wearing to work with my different accessories. It's nice to have your tastes appreciated!
Anywho.. Theres quite a few things I'd like to buy, that I'm going to buy and would like to share! Firstly : I need some new clothing and there's quite a few stores online that catch my interest but two main stores that I will purchase from this Monday. Here's a look at some of the cute clothes :3
Well, one thing you must know about me is that I love Stripes. I'm versatile when It comes to patterns and prints but my most favorite is stripes. I'm not sure why but I just love the way stripes look, also I'm a fan of the off the shoulder look. I think It's pretty to show a bit of your collar bone, a smexy shoulder look! Haha, yea I'm quite silly but I really like this top and I believe it is 25.00 ( seems like a bit for a shirt ) but It's a really nice shirt. This website is not as promising with the prices being low opposed to my whole-sale site, yet this site has some really nice clothing! Which is why I will buy just a few finds from here:

This Argyle top is pretty cute, argyle is an interesting material but overall the shirt is really pretty and dolman sleeves give a unique look. Loose fit but quite stylish!
I really like this vest here, the color and contrasts are complimenting to one another. Normally these types of clothes you'll stare at and wonder ( What exactly could I where this with? ) I might not wear It exactly like the girl in the photo but the white shirt is obvious seeing that white goes with anything. A nice pair of jeans, not so light or dark. I would probably wear my coppery brown boots with this. I know brown might now seem right but the way I in vision it looks nice in my head! Some cute accessories, maybe even bow or barrett could finish the look!
This top is very simple and plain but a main reason why I chose it. Because It is so simple and plain, It looks very nice. You can easily add a thin belt in the middle, match the boots to the belt, light pair of jeans, simple accessories and your ready to go! This will definitely be a part of the batch!
I love the entire outfit. Yes, there goes my stripes but my main point is the blazer. It's always nice to a have a blazer in your closet that you can throw on to complete an outfit. This and above can also be purchased at Yesstyle.

I also, really... really... really.... (noma noma noma joah) .... really really really like hoodies! Hoodies are my favorite to wear. Which is why I love the Fall/Winter, they are my most loved seasons because I get to wear all my cute hoodies!
Now, onto the legs. O__O ... showing a bit of skin ay? Haha, leggings are something I enjoy wearing in different styles. They come in different colors, patterns, and are comfortable! I would like to purchase leggings in a variety of styles. I really like the ones in the picture!

        Styles like this are really fun, bold, and stylish. All three words which fit my personality, myself entirely!
Another bold selection! Besides vests, I really love cardigans and this cardigan type vest really stood out. Not to mention it comes in a few other colors and looks pretty warm! I just love pastels and bright colors!
Now, Moving on to a site where you can purchase similar clothing for much cheaper and just as great quality as the clothes from Yesstyle. This is a whole sale site so the clothing must obviously come cheap but they have such cute finds! Check it out for yourself I'll post a few things that I found to my liking and a few things already purchased! ( Sweater above is from Wholesale )
I Found that I like my sweaters spliced please! It creates unique pattern. Very vintage!
I found that I like big shirts and skinny fitted pants, I mean.. I'm not trying to hide anything considering that I have a flat stomach but I really like loose fitted shirts with interesting patterns, yet stylish.
I love the hearts and tightened sleeve from the elbow down. Super cute! Not to mention, I love pink!
What do you think about that huge smiley? I think the sweater is pretty cute, I would wear my matching green beanie to go with that! I think this sweater will be added to my cart! keke...

The cardigan here is really nice. I like those colors together. As you can see, most of the things here are long sleeve, sweaters, cardigans and such because it is getting close to Winter and I need to prepare!

Watermelon red is bright! I want it! Only 6 bucks!

I soooo have some navy blue boots that will match this sweater!
This sweater is cute, no?

Well that's all for tonight, today, whenever you see this! I'm not going to post my entire list of things I would like to buy because ... that would just simply take til ... next year ... maybe next decade! There are so many things I like and I just wanted to share with you and maybe you will be able to find some things you like on those sites as well! Until next time!

Bye bye ~

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