Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BBcream, Hair, Makeup!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I like to use BBcream as a foundation. If you don't know what BBcream is... SHAME ON YOU! ... teehee, just kidding. However ; If you unaware or have never heard about the product, let me introduce you:
These BBcreams are from Etude House, A popular Makeup Line in Korea that sells products like these.
The BBcream that I purchased Is the first one. Each BBcream has a different effect on the skin and is a different shade. This BBcream is not the only BBcream I've purchased but one I wanted to try in a different shade. Other Popular brands in Korea ; Such as, MISHA, also sells BBcream which I have also purchased in a darker tone. But here Is the one I have from Etude :

I found out that this was a bit Lighter for me then I expected, but It does work as described. BBcream is not only a foundation but it also helps with treating the skin opposed to other products that might clog your pores. This product is much used in Korea for those Beautiful Popstars, Actors, who have such flawless looking skin. This will definately do the trick if you were looking for a flawless and full coverage product. The only con for some people, may be that.. It only comes in a few shades.. Seeing that it's made in Asia, Made for Asia's skin tones.. I mean, what do you expect? It's not like Covergirl, Maybelline, or other Us products.. So that might be the only downfall.

Above you will see the swatches ( shades ) and what difference the BBcream makes as to appearance on your own skin. I might not use BBcream daily, but I do use it very often, receive quite the compliments with my flawless skin and Makeup. If you'd like to try BBcream, this is where I've purchased mine from Link to the Seller , I realize that I should've taken a Before and after.. but Since all those swatches show you before and After I'll just post some pictures of My Makeup done with the BBcream <3

Well those are the flix! Hope you liked and hope I gave enough info on the BBcream if you're interested! Also, you know I love wigs so heres the link to the wig I purchased! It's by ClairBeauty and I love it as much as my others!
That's the wig I purchased and here is the link to it! Clair Beauty Wig Seller , Their out for the Chinese New year but will be back in Febuary! This is a great seller and the Wigs I ordered from her shipped to me soooo super duper fast! Make sure you check out their shop In Feb! Thanks for reading! Adios <3

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