Thursday, January 26, 2012

Japanese Gyaru Makeup Tutorial!

Dun dun dun dun, dun dun, dun dun!!!! What you have all been waiting for! ... okay maybe not. Haha, but here's the tutorial I was talking about in my last post. I was thinking of doing a Rina Sakurai Makeup tutorial but this can be used for anyone who want's to do the Gyaru look! So here we goo...

First start off with applying your everyday foundation. I use Misha's BBcream and some Revlon High Definition face powder to set the BBcream ( I don't know -__- why I didn't take pictures of those products but I realized after I started my eyes that I didn't take photos. Oopsies! But here are the products below:

After I did that, I started on the eyes, saving the blush and other finishes for later. I don't know why but normally I save the blush, contouring, highlighting last. Some people might just do the face all at once then eyes but not me I guess!

( Note : I used both Digi cam and my android phone because the digital was acting up! =_= )

Starting off with you nude eye
Apply a primer over the lid : I used NYX primer in a flesh tone ( It comes in white and pearl as well )
After you've applied your primer all over your lids, take a white pencil and line the tearducts of your eyes ( optional ) I used a NYX white pencil .
After I applied Some shadow to the inner corners as well :

After you've applied the white, apply a medium brown in the crease and lightly sweep down on the lids.

 After I applied the brown to my crease's, I started on my eyebrow's to give a quick highlight before finishing the look on the eyes.

I always do my eyebrows a bit darker depending on the hair or just because my hair is dark teehee ^.^

After applying the highlight under the brow, I went back to the eyes. Starting the eyelining of bottom and top lids with both eye pencil and a bit of Liquid eye liner :

Your eyes should end up looking like this :
Real quick, grab a smudger and smudge the liner on your bottom lids to give more depth :

It should look a bit smudged like this:
Now we're going to apply the lashes!

Pick your set of lashes, apply your glue and we're good to go ( use tweezers to place lash if needed ) :

After your lashes, Apply some blush to the cheeks, a white powder slightly over your nose and under your eyes, chin, forehead ; Then a small bit of barbie pink lipstick, a bit of lip gloss and your look will be finished! 


But I thought it would only be right if I ... CAMERA WHORED!
And yes I switched on and off with my black and RED WINE wig teehee .. I ended up leaving my house with the RED one! I just couldn't decide!

Oh wait ... My circle lenses ! O_O

xoxo Itoshii Hito <3

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