Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Japanese Koakuma Ageha Makeup Tut?

So I have like.. a 484262468209486904682 caGILLion magazine scans saved on my computer from Ageha, Popteen, Egg mag. Basically a bunch of Japanese fashion mags. Reason being... I just love the makeup they do. Which is actually... quite simple in my case, well not in my case but these looks are achievable for any woman to do! The cat winged liner, white shadow at the tear ducts, false lashes, a bit of eyeshadow to make it pop.. and VWAALA! There goes the look for the eyes, then to finish it up with a light foundation, a bit of blush to make the cheeks doll like, a bit of shimmer on the face ( preferably white ). There's your gyaru look! I'm actually thinking of doing a tutorial for girls who are interested in the look. Previously I did a ganguro look for fun which is the " black faced " look ( what they call it in japan, the tan faces with white makeup ) Which you can check out in my last year blog.

Anyways! Here are some magazine scan's for you to get a jist of the look I'm going to do and other pretty Gyaru looks! Pretty much my everyday look but sometimes they do the lashes pretty intensed. It just looks so pretty teehee. I think I want to do a look by Rina Sakurai? What do you think?

Well that's only some of the scan's I have saved but I hope you love the looks and notice that the eye's are what's most important to the whole Gyaru look! Next post will be the Tutorial ^_^

xoxo Itoshii Hito <3