Monday, January 30, 2012

Lockshop wigs?

So I'm posting pictures up on my tumblr and for some reason I randomly came across this site called , I have never heard of them before ; but I've stumbled upon their site today! There was this really pretty Hime Gyaru wig ( which is what drew me to the site in the first place ... hehehe )

Isn't it pretty!

This site also sells other wigs for Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Mori girl.. It's a small selection but a selection of nice looking wigs that also look like their of great quality. I'm not sure though, seeing that I've never heard of them! But, I might just take a chance and try a wig out from their site myself! Here's a few more of their wigs below ( their site model is so pretty ! ) :

Check out the site for yourself! Link to the Website And if you've ordered from there, let me know your opinion on the quality of their wigs!

xoxo Itoshii <333

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