Sunday, January 29, 2012

My first youtube video and photoshop fun!

A couple days ago I posted my first youtube video. It wasn't much, I was actually just fooling around with my digital camera, then my sister's video software and decided to post it up. "Get ready with me" Is what I called it since I was getting ready at the time and taking photos. In the future I'd like to do some Makeup tutorials and other cool videos of my Interest :D

However... I wasn't too happy about the RUDE! comment I received from some little boy.. haha then again, I guess you can expect ignorance but I'm really hoping for good feedback on youtube! and even some followers here on my blog..

It seems harder then I thought ... T_T

Anyway here's the link to my video! Click Here!

Also, I found a really cute photoshop! It's in chinese but I know how to work it perfectly fine and it's really easy to navigate if you have common sense and can't read chinese. It's called Xiu Xiu Meitu <3

Here's some photo's I played with :

But you could do a lot more like ...................

Teehee... FAIL! .... I look so ugly .. yet it is funny! mwuahaha O_O!

If you would like to try it for free! Just CLICK HERE!

Thanks for reading! 
xoxo Itoshii


  1. HAHAHA the last photo made my day!! ^^ You have beautiful big eyes!!

    1. hehe thank you -^_^- ! Happy I can make your day xD !