Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What I want next ...

So, I've already purchased from Gabalmania in the past... and ended up confusing the crap out of the seller since they couldn't speak english and I only know handful of Korean ( and STILL learning! ). I figured after such confusion, they probably would never want to sell to me again ( T__T ) so to spare my dear Korean sellers from getting " confused " I decided I will purchase from another site that sells their BEAUTIFUL and I mean GORGEOUS wigs. I will be showing you the two I purchased from them and It'll make you want to BUY.. BUY! BUY!... But that'll be in another post .. keke ^_^ .. But, here is what I want to purchase .. in the next week!
                                               This Rockstar, gorgeous blonde, root dyed wig...
 This Mary inspired wig ( If you've ever watched "Mary Stayed out all night " Kdrama ) She has amazing hair and I was sooooo gassed to see this wig when I did because that means's I'll have beautiful super amazing hair just like Mary... so... Ha! ... teehee ... ^_^ ... And Lastlyyyyyy :
This lovely hair! I just love the Mocha Orange color. Originally I wanted it on a different wig but since the site I'm purchasing from DOES NOT sell that particular unit * tears * I'll settle for this one! It's still beautiful! I just love wigs that have the bangs with a slight wave in the rest of the hair! So cute!! ...

Anywho .... Stay tuned for the pretty wigs I purchased. Should I show you one? Heres a sneak peek :
                                                               Oh .. and you know I'm loving it!

                                      I will be purchasing these wigs from : Yesstyle.com Check em out!

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