Friday, January 27, 2012

ClairBeauty Review!

I am sooooo super duper happy with my purchases from Ebay lately. I never would have thought I would ever become some kind of Ebay shopping addict @_@ ..... teehee .... @_@ .... hahaha ^_^ not an addict! but I really enjoy shopping online and now shopping on ebay is one of my favorite places online shop! Wooo! Go ebay! ( *ebay dance* ) ... no? no dance? Okay! -_- alright, enough of me being silly. I just wanted to show you the beautiful ClairBeauty wig that I purchased. The " Princess wig ", I guess you could say I feel like a princess?

Here's a photo of the wig model with the pretty wig on :
And here is how it came :

 So It came in this cute pink ClairBeauty bag! I love the bag! It also came with these Instructions? ... O_o? I'm just assuming they're instructions that I can't read to save my dear life =__= ... wahhhh .__. anyway!

This is how it looks packaged up, nice and bundled, in a plastic baggy, wig in the netting.. you know how your typical wig should look. And it came with tags! ( not everything you buy on ebay comes with tags__- ocd!! ) Anyway, here's how the wig looked on me ^_^ :

 Well, let me know what you think! It's super pretty, long, GREAT quality and looks just like the picture! If you like what you see here make sure to click the link I posted below to make a purchase. These people have fast shipping, reasonable prices, and great customer service! You wont be disappointed ^_^

xoxo Itoshii hito


  1. Your wigs are soo pretty! O.O
    Thanks for posting about them. I wasn't sure if I should buy or not but now I am! :D

    1. Ahhh yay! Glad you like them -^_^- ! I guarantee you will most happy with them :D

  2. Are their wigs secure or does it feel like they can fall off at any moment? Because I'm thinking of getting one and wearing it to school.

  3. They r very secure and they have adjustable straps if you need to make the wig tighter. The hair quality is also excellent!