Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Redhead! Peep the new wig!

So, Originally I was going to just start off my day with the typical Black wig I use the most. Then ... Here comes USPS delivering a lovely package to my door before I decide to walk out ... Is it ... Is it my wig! .. wait.. which one? teehee ...... It's my fire red from ebay! Click here for the Seller <3

This wig unit is only 12.39 +FREE SHIPPING! Where could you go wrong? I was skeptical with the pictures at first, wondering if the wig would look this great. And guess what ... It really does! It came like this :

She came tightly packaged in a little baggy that I took out of this beige envelope type thing, I pulled her out of the bag and was quite shocked at how pretty the wig actually looked in person! It looks so nice! .. SLIGHTLY shinier then I would WANT it to be but overall a BEAUTIFUL, beautiful beautiful wig! It came with the side swept bangs but I cut them to suit my face, curled them a bit and... vwala...

Heres the wig with flash and my super LIGHT BBcream skin tone.. teehee

I think I look pretty nice in Red, what do you think? Hehe ^_^ Anyway, thanks for peeping the blog! Keep checking back for more updates, wigs, purchases, cool stuff from me :3 bye bye ~

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