Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pinky Paradise Circle lenses Candy Pink!!

So.. I must say I am so excited to purchase my first actual circle lenses! And they are soooo supperrr kawaii! ( cutee! ) I couldn't wait to put them on. I thought I looked a bit scary at first but as I adjusted to them, I fell in love with them and the pretty color! My eyes are hazel underneath so they look a bit interesting on me. Anyway, here is what they would look like if you were to look for the icon on the site.
                                                       You would Click on this Icon for the lens.
                                                                             Link to the Site
                                    I wanted them even more because of how pretty the model looks!
                                      It came with the cutest little piggy case! hehehehe I love them!
The lenses were originally store in a different casing where contacts normally come in, but I took them out so fast to put them in solution for a few hours so that I could wear them for the rest of the day tehe.. Now ... To see what they look like on me ...
Shabam! But this isn't the greatest picture, seeing that I'm just getting ready. However ; In my next post stay tuned for even better pictures and my wig purchase! Thanks for taking the time to peep my blog! bye bye ~                           xoxo ItoshiHito <3

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